Monday, 22 February 2016

Secret Projects And Other News

Everything has conspired to keep me away from the bench since returning from holiday, be it training courses or life in general. However I have had some bench time building the Takom Chieftain Mk5 in Iranian guise which when completed will appear in a future issue of Tamiya model magazine international. Unfortunately I can't show you any pictures yet until it's published but I will say the kit builds up really well and is light years ahead of the old Tamiya Chieftain. 

One secret project I can now share has just been published in the March issue of Tamiya model magazine. It's the new re-boxing from Tamiya of the Italeri M24 Chaffee. The remit for this was a straight out of the box build and I must say it was really fun to build it this way. Painting it was also a blast and the inclusion of stowage and a figure in the box was an added bonus.  

The article features a detailed account of the build and I'm very pleased to have it published. So normal service is almost resumed at the bench!
Next Saturday is also Stonehenge Modellers first show of the year down at Folkestone for the 2016 On Track show. So if you are going be sure to say hello to myself or Brian.


  1. Nice build Pete but if I'm remember well, it's a post-war version (the Italeri one).
    This is a quite old but more or less good kit. Is the metal barrel include in the new reboxing by Tamiya ? Are the tracks in one vynil piece ?

  2. Cheers Alain, I was not aware that the old Italeri kit was post war however Tamiya have tweaked the molds a bit so maybe they have changed it back? Yes there is a metal barrel in the box and the tracks are actually link and length & very good in my humble opinion.

  3. As I can see with your pictures, the tracks are changed by Tamiya, they are full metal type and the pattern of the links is correct for a WWII Chaffee.
    It's also a good idea from TAM to replace the barrel with a metal one and I like also the TAM system for the tracks : lenghts + separates links. It's easy and quick to build and gives very good results.
    I hope to see your Takom Chieftain soon ...

  4. Glad to have you back! You've certainly been busy lately, congratulations to your published work!