Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Belgian M109 More Waffle!

I've now got the bones of the turret glued together now and boy was it tricky. The lower turret has a very thin slot for the turret base to fit into plus you have to handle it with that chuffing great lump of aluminium in place too. As the turret is cast very thin there was quite a bit of flex but I finally got it all lined up and glued down.

The barrel muzzle is also now in place and has been sanded smooth. A swipe of Mr surfacer on the inside surfaces will finish that off nicely. With the turret in place you can really appreciate the size of the thing especially with that great big barrel in place. As you can also see I've actually managed to get the tracks glued together! Something I have always struggled with on AFV club kits. Of course I have some Riich model tracks coming for this so that's bloody typical!

I think it's definitely a conspiracy by AFV club to make me buy more of their kits, maybe they are fans of the blog and have noticed how I loathe their tracks. He he!!

Tonight I'm finishing off the Chieftain diorama so will be posting up the final pictures tomorrow.

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