Saturday, 12 April 2014

A New Addition...........

He's the new addition to the Smith household a lovely chocolate Labrador who we have named Rolo. He's 8 months old and needed a new home as his previous owner could not dedicate enough time and attention to him. He was left alone for quite a lot of the time. Not good for a lab or any dog for that matter. He's smart as a button, loves to play and is already learning new commands. He's a bit chunky at the moment as he has been over fed but a reduction in rations and proper exercise will soon put that to rights.

Today was his first full day with us and he's had a great time. And we have had fun being with him. He's just such a loveable lad! As you all know it's been a year since my GSD Buck died but now it feels right giving a dog that needs some attention and structure in it's life a new home and loving family. He's certainly put a smile on my face!


  1. Good for you mate ,nice looking dog .hurt like hell when my working dog went ..and some years later when my own gsd went at 14 after a year and a half with a dog wheel chair

  2. Beautiful looking Lab, we have a golden and a chocolate which are two sisters. They have changed our lives and the HOUSE....they certainly are cheeky.
    Great save and i am sure the household will love the addition.

  3. Hey Pete, It's the first time my wife looks at a modeller's blog with so much interest!!!!! : )
    She just fell in love with your new four-legged chocolate brown companion! Congratulations!


  4. Cheers guys he's a real character that's for sure!