Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Semper Fi, Marine Figure Painting

Work on the figure went very well with only some details removed and the areas re worked. I painted the figure in an ERDL scheme as used by some marine units before the BDU woodland camo scheme and uniform was standard issue. Vallejo colours where used and custom shades mixed to match my references. The flesh areas still need to be completed. The base has also been started and this is a simple affair. I plan to add some long grasses or tussocks to suggest a beach landing area later on.


  1. Amazing work Pete! The Jeep is a work of art!

    I am also Fellow Modeller here! Giving a holla at you! I do modern military model kits and wargaming miniatures! I also delve in Warhammer. So do check out my blog at and google connect if you like what you see!