Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hobbyboss 1/48th P-47D

As promised work has started on the P-47 and I must say it's a nice looking kit. It only has 44 parts, a one piece canopy and the main wheel struts are integrated with the undercarriage doors. Also the engine detail is moulded in the nose section. Even though this is a simple kit the detail is very nice with some very well rendered panel lines and rivet detail. Of course the purists will not be happy but for a quick and trouble free build you could do a lot worse.

The cockpit is a very easy build and it locates very positively inside the fuselage, a word of caution if you test fit the fuselage halves together they locate VERY well indeed and are a devil to get apart again! The only additions I plan to make are some seat belts for the cockpit, brake cables on the undercarriage and drill out the main gun barrels.

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