Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Computer Disaster

Well I have had rather a painful couple of days due to my laptop giving up the ghost and totally buggering up loads of my files! to say I am annoyed is an understatement! I have lost all my recent pictures and articles/notes not to mention a vast amount of research I was collecting on the Land rover W.M.I.K, Luckily I can grab my recent build pictures from photobucket but the rest has disappeared. So I intend to get slightly drunk tonight to try and forget about the many hours of hard work up the spout! As the late Terry Thomas would say "hard cheese old boy"


  1. sorry for you, I do not already arrived, and since I took a portable hard drive where I stored all my files on the hard disk, in case there is a problem

  2. indeed..!

    just look at your figures though Pete (followers, page views etc)
    gotta keep on keeping on now !


  3. Been there done that. I know your pain.