Friday, 18 November 2011

WMIK On It's Wheels

Well the glacial progress of the model continues! I have now added a little bit of paint chipping as well as some pin washes and a couple of filter coats and added the main body and cage to the chassis. The next steps will be a matt coat followed by a generous application of pigments. I am finding this a difficult project to finish due to the many elements that need to come together to finish the project.

I have not even started on the stowage or figure yet let alone the base!! Maybe it will be finished by Christmas! However I am pleased with the results so far and really like how the engine bay has turned out.

The acquisition of new kits however is far from glacial let me tell you! with the new Italeri 1/48th Hurricane now residing under the bench as well as a Hobbyboss Landrover Defender hardtop, a Meng models pickup truck with equipment and a rather happy find on ebay, a Dragon united nations BTR70 with ukrainian peacekeepers all in 1/35th scale.

This weekend I will be attending the BMSS show Bugle Call in Bath with my club so do come and say hello if you are there.

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