Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Final Countdown

Some more work on the figure and the periscopes on the drivers hatch and the turret. The figure was painted using a base of vallejo 70893 US dark green and then shadows and highlights added. The head is a different one as I cannot find the original. Another sacrifice to the carpet monster! Helmet is a darker shade of the above. Just a little bit more work to be done on the figure namely the flesh areas. I am thinking of giving the figure a bit of bling in the form of a gold watch just for a laugh.

Also added the lights to the front of the hull using little cars 2.5mm lenses and have painted the rear lights etc with the corresponding tamiya clear colours.

Lastly I have been adding the periscopes using good old sparkly party scatter. Great stuff this as it comes in nice metallic colours ideal for depicting the the anti laser coatings seen on these periscopes as well as optics of all sorts on armour and aircraft. Just cut to size and fix with a dab of micro kristal klear or white glue.


  1. Great job!
    I am always happy to see an italian tanks.


  2. Cheers Francesco I must admit to having a soft spot for Italian armour