Thursday 19 May 2011

Making A Start

I have been plodding away on this over the last couple of days and must say it is a superb kit, a lot of the parts just snap together. Very few sink marks or flash is evident. The cockpit is very well thought out and all I have added is some cables to the back of the instrument panel.

The fuselage has ribbing all the way down and also has a hatch open so you can just about see the radio gear and other bits when fitted.

The business end of the model is very well thought out as you get a white metal front wheel bay so no worry's about this being a tail sitter.
As mentioned I am replacing the kit barrel with a very nice metal and brass item from master models, this is simplicity itself to fit, just cut off the kit barrel and drill a 1.5mm hole for the base of the barrel. As the barrel is broken down into four parts I can add the base and then add the rest of the barrel on final assembly. The muzzle is superb and will really enhance the model when finished.


  1. watching this one- looking good Pete! Have blogged it and linked from my Luftwaffe blog

  2. Cheers FalkeEins that's very kind of you