Sunday, 21 November 2010

Trumpeter Italian Ariete MBT

Here is the latest model to grace the smudgewerks bench, Trumpeters rather nice Ariete up armoured version. I also have a Lion Roar etched set which although intended for the earlier version has plenty of bits which can be used on this kit. The First thing to tackle was the engine deck vent. On the kit this stands proud of the main deck but should be flush so using a compass cutter I removed the offending part and replaced it with a plastic card base and the etched grills. I have also added some missing weld lines to the rear hull from stretched sprue and added etch where I felt it was needed.

The extra armour uses the etch provided in the kit and as you can see I have added some plastic card to the rear to prevent any see through on the completed model. I have also added the missing co-axil gun slot on the front turret armour and hollowed out the front headlights ready for some lenses later on.

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