Sunday, 26 September 2010

Paint Your Wagons

After a coat of primer I began painting the wagons using my usual tamiya colours and gunze off white for the ambulance version. This wagon had a good coat of tamiya German grey then a liberal coat of hairspray before spraying the off white on. After a couple of minutes I used a stiff brush and plenty of water to add the wear to the white.

Once dry I added some extra chipping to the ambulance version and some chipping using vallejo old wood and Iraqi sand to the cargo version followed by MIG filters and some pin washes to both wagons. The decals came next followed by some more washes and finally a matt coat.

Lastly I finished off with some heavily thinned tamiya colours and MIG pigments and made up and painted the load for the cargo version and they are all finished.

These wagons are not something I would normally build myself but they are quite enjoyable and have definitely helped return my enthusiasm for modelling again, now what to build now?

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