Tiger Model 1/35th French AMX-10 RCR

Here's another vehicle I thought I'd never see in plastic but thanks to Tiger model we now have a very nice replica of the French AMX-10 RCR to grace our display spaces. 

The kit comes in a nice sturdy box with a great illustration on the front and an added bonus for the first release batch in to form of an egg plane. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The sprues are cast in a nice tan colour and all exhibit very nice detail. There is also a small etched fret and actual wire provided for the tow ropes. No bits of fluffy string here. Decals are crisp and clear and in register. There's also a  clear sprue with all the lights and scopes. 

The tyres are in the usual flexible rubber seen in most kits these days. They have a very good tread pattern and "michelin" markings on the side walls.

The lower hull and sides is made up of one single part. This is a substantial bit of plastic giving you an idea to the size of the finished model. details are excellent and the hull is straight as a die. The upper hull again is one piece and this fits perfectly onto the lower body. 

The turret upper and lower portions again are molded nicely with good details.

The rest of the sprues again show excellent details and no knock out or pin marks at all that I could see. Of particular note is the very nice mantlet cover and canvas on the barrel and the barrel itself. Hatches have interior details and everything looks really nice and sharp.

Markings wise you only get one option but the sheet for decal placement and painting is clear and gives you views from all sides for camouflage painting. That's something a lot of manufacturers forget about. The colours are called out during the build and these are all tamiya ones.

As mentioned earlier you also get a free gift in the form of an egg plane, not my thing but nice none the less. There's a choice of Me109, Zero or Corsair but you don't know what you have until you open the packet! I got the Corsair and for a fun kit its actually pretty good!

So there you have it I'm absolutely delighted with this kit, the parts are excellent being crisp and loaded with details. It also looks to be an easy build straight from the box. It's always nice to see new manufacturers coming up with hitherto unseen kits and even better when they are as good as this one. Highly recommended for all modern armour fans. 

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