Castoff Models Warrior WRAP 2 Conversion Review

I've now had time to fully explore the conversion and will share my thoughts on it and give you a description of the parts supplied. This is a new release from Castoff models and the exact same set that Cromwell models developed and released some time ago. As many of you know although Cromwell made some superb models and conversions obtaining them was a bit of a nightmare. However now that Castoff has acquired the moulds it should be far less stressful to obtain one of these fine conversion sets.

The conversion is intended to be used with the Academy Warrior kit, either one would do and depicts a vehicle in Iraq during 2008. However any version be it UK based or anywhere else can be  built. 

Packed in a sturdy box on opening you will fined the parts neatly packed in small plastic bags. All the parts are cast in a nice cream resin and you also get a small sheet of clear plastic and two sheets of instructions.

As with most resin models and conversions the instructions are not the best but do help to identify most parts. Some good references are essential when assembling the conversion and there are loads of images and walk-arounds to be found on the web.

The casting of parts is very good with only a few pin holes here and there and some fine casting flash to sort out. Nothing a new scalpel blade can't clean up.

The rest of the parts again will need a little clean up but nothing major. The side armour parts are very big and heavy and cast with nice detail. The vast majority of the conversion deals with the slat armour with various different mounting brackets so some study of refs will ensure you use the right brackets for the different locations and sizes of slat.

This is a very welcome release from Castoff and I must applaud them for making these more easily available to the modelling world. It also fills a gap in Warrior development and allows the modeller to build a more up to date version. Available direct from Castoff it currently retails for £67.75 excluding P&P.

Castoff Web Site 

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