1/35th Chinese People's Liberation Army Resin Tank Crew

Here's an interesting set of figures if like me you like building modern PLA vehicles but struggle to find any crew figures to populate them. I found this set whilst browsing on ebay recently and immediately ordered a set. They arrived all the way from China in about 10 days which was very good indeed. 

For the life of me I can't work out the company name, the only English on the box says "and the sails plaything". Not being able to read Chinese I assume that this is the company name, quite bizarre I'm sure you will agree! 

In the box you get three figures cast in resin and they show three crew bombing up a tank. Figure one is a chap standing with a machine gun sling over his shoulder. You also get the option of a sledge hammer as well. Casting is very crisp with nice details on the uniform. He also has the correct PLA type soft tank crew helmet and Asiatic features to his face.  

Figure two has a tank round in his hands and again a choice of rounds is supplied as well as an ammo crate with a round inside and a separate lid. Again casting and detail are excellent and he also wears the PLA soft helmet.

 Figure three has a small canister in his hands and again casting and detail is excellent. This figure is wearing the frequently seen soft cap. The peak on mine was broken off but still in the bag at least I can glue it into place when I build him. 

It's great to finally find some figures with the soft helmet and with Asiatic features, I would have bought them for this alone. But with the excellent uniforms they would work well with any PLA vehicle. There's also plenty of scope to adapt them as figures in hatches and so forth. 
I paid £18 including postage for these which represents very good value for such well cast figures. Well worth tracking some down as I suspect we won't see any decent PLA figures in plastic for some time.

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  1. Oh, these look great! If I can find them, I'll get one of those cool ZTZ tanks. I've only waited because there were no crew figure I could find. :)