Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tamiya Stug Progress

The little stug is progressing well and I couldn't resist adding some missing weld beads on the front sloped armour sections. If you look closely at the box art it shows the beads there. Some grey stretched sprue was used for this and then after letting the sprue go off for a minute the tip of my scalpel added the weld texture.

The details are very nice and the way the kit builds up is nice and easy. The boar's head mantlet (saukopf) looks good but could do with some texture added. A drop of mr surfacer will sort that out.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Tamiya 1/48th Stug III Ausf G

A start has been made on the model and the lower hull's almost done! Typical tamiya, shake the box and it builds itself. Detail is excellent thus far and the fit of parts is good too. I've added one of the hauler etched screens already and it fits like a glove.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bronco Seehund Finished

After putting some finishing touches to the model and adding the name plate to the base she's all finished! I really enjoyed this build as it was a nice relaxing project and a nice change from tanks and trucks. The fun on this one was definitely the painting and weathering as the kit built up so easily.

And just for fun here's a comparison between the old and the new, i.e the tiny ICM Seehund I built a few years ago.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Seehund, D.I.Y Projects & Next On The Bench

The Seehund is coming along very well and is almost finished after a matt coat, attaching the torpedo's and mounting on it's base. A very fiddly operation the last one and I've managed to break off a tiny little propeller blade from one of the fish. Looks like it will be a devil of a job to stick it back on. Anyway not much left to do just a little more weathering on the torpedo's and adding the name plate and that will be all done.

DIY projects now and I've made a start on the tiling in our new kitchen. We've also had extra cabinets fitted so even more areas to tile later on. However I do find tiling quite relaxing even though I'm not the quickest tiler around. Next week the floors going down so with any luck it will all be squared away for Christmas, fingers crossed!

And finally my next project will be Tamiya's very nice 1/48th Stug III Ausf G with some Hauler grills and a replacement machine gun barrel. This is for a group build just starting over on modelworxs forums. No idea how it will be finished so I'll just enjoy building it and wait for inspiration!


Monday, 28 November 2016

Seehund Weathering

Progress although slow is starting to bear fruit. I've used a dark wash first around details and weld lines then gone back over with oils for rust staining. I followed this with some further light grey and white tones on the model to add a little bit more variation. One side is almost done now so it shouldn't take much longer to do.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

BMSS Bugle Call Show Sunday 27th November

Today Stonehenge modellers attended our last show of the year. as stated in previous posts BMSS has moved the venue from Bath to Nailsea this year and a very nice venue it is too. Even with a slightly confusing drive thanks to the sat nav, (I never trust those things) we arrived in plenty of time to set up. The venue is actually a very modern and smart school and the area used was both bright and spacious.

With plenty of exhibitors and a smattering of traders to look at we had a quick tour round and a bacon buttie before the show opened to the public. To be perfectly honest we were not really busy all day, with most of the conversations being with fellow exhibitors. In fact we seemed to be at a loose end by 11.30am. However apparently over 400 people attended or should I say paid admittance for the show. All that aside it was a nice little show definitely helped by the far superior venue and plenty of free parking.

Our thanks to Kevin & BMSS for the invite and to the IPMS Romsey boys next to us for a really good chat and info on dio building.

My very restrained haul from the show,