Sunday, 12 February 2017

Takom AMX-13/90 Finished

After a busy session at the bench finishing off the base today the model is now all done. Grass tufts and stretched sprue plants were added then the base was sprayed with tamiya buff. Some of the stones and pebbles were then picked out with vallejo colours and the plants painted as well. Finally some of the pigments used on the model blended everything together and helped tie the model to the base.

This has been another enjoyable and easy to build project and having the Venezuelan markings option makes for something most people will probably not have seen before.

All About The Base

Here is yesterday's progress on the base. After a layer of plaster fine sand, grit and medium size stones were added to the base before a sheet of cling film went over the top and the model was pressed into the setting plaster. Once everything had set after a few hours the sand,gravel and stones were set in place using AK gravel & sand fixer.

Overnight the base has fully dried and can now be painted. With the model in place you can see that the incline does set off the model nicely and conveys a sense of movement too.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Takom AMX-13/90 Final Weathering & Base Prep

The final stages of weathering on the model have now been completed and here I've used very small amounts on the upper hull just to show some contrast and dust build up. The overall effect is just what I was looking for so it's all good!

The base build up has also been done and again I'm using an Ikea picture frame and some foam board and dense foam for the ground work base. The groundwork will be angled up slightly to show off the angular lines of the model and give the display a more dynamic feel. I should hopefully have this all finished by the end of this weekend.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Takom AMX-13/90 Starting the Pigments

I've now made a start on the final stages of weathering on this little tank after firstly painting and installing the commander figure, which is an old tamiya item, adding the headlights and painting all the stop lights. Oh, and spraying the tracks a decent base colour. I used a mix of vallejo AK & wilder pigments and mixed them to produce a sandy sort of tone. This was built up on the lower hull and added to the tracks and wheels then fixed with MIG pigment fixer.

Some graphite powder on the tracks for the wear areas were also added and then they were fitted. So far so good as I like the dusty effects and will now continue on the upper hull and turret. Mind you only small amounts need to be used here to suggest dust build up in the corners and crevices rather than a blanket of dust over the whole model. As you can see the antennas and spot light have also been added at this stage. 

Still a fair bit of work to do but I think by Sunday she should be ready for a base. Here I'm thinking of the model going up or down a slight incline which should set it off well due to the angular look of the model. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Takom AMX-13/90 Starting The Weathering

Today's been all about weathering the AMX, (whilst watching the rugby). Yesterday I picked out the details such as tools and the canvas covers on the turret so today I started with some light chipping on the sand colour with a suitable green tone. My thinking here is that the real thing would have been supplied in an overall green colour and the sand was added later.

I will be adding some lighter chips later to the green itself. Some darker chips went on next using vallejo 822. I then used a wilder filter, dark brown NL 18 slightly thinned with white spirit followed by a pin wash using wilder deep shadow wash NL 02. Possibly another round of pin washes will be used just to finish it off. 

Again as this is quite a small model I try not to swamp it with washes and filters but instead use the bare minimum to get subtle effects. Likewise I won't be using any oil dot fading on this as there really is only limited areas where this would be effective. Instead I'll use some streaking and rain marks products to add a little surface interest.

Lastly today I used some wilder quick rust on the tracks with awful results. Both tracks went into the solution at the same time but they came out different colours! Not what I was looking for and very frustrating. It means I'll have to spray the tracks instead.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Airfix Land Rover ! Tonne & 105mm Gun Finished

I've now finished off this little project today by finishing off a small base for the models. Nothing fancy but I think it works well in showing off both models and crew. The gun & 1 tonne received a very light dusting of tamiya buff thinned heavily to add a small amount of dust to each. The base was just fine static grass over some plaster & fine sand followed by grass clumps then sprayed with a suitable green and again tamiya buff for the earth. 

The figures had their boots dusted with pigments then everything was added to the base. I really like the way this turned out and really enjoyed myself making it. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

1 Tonne & Gun Weathering & Matt

I was a positive blur at the bench yesterday, after posting the latest progress I dived straight into weathering the models using true earth washes and filters. I must say that I'm finding these very effective for small scale models as they dry really fast and have a more subtle tone to them. They also are very fine and not at all grainy like a lot of washes & filters you can buy. Perfect for small stuff.

Anyway I only added enough to bring out the details on the kits. Following that a matt varnish went on & finally all the masking was removed and the mirrors added to the doors, a fiddly process to say the least! Once done the lights and indicators were painted and everything put together. Final weathering will probably consist of a very fine spraying of tamiya buff followed by light chalky pigments to replicate a vehicle on Salisbury plain.